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mental health awareness

it matters.





Hey there!

It's great to have you here. Welcome to this creative space where I get to shine light on life's wonderful disasters, challenges, traumas, and experiences. Let me tell you a little bit about how this all came to be. 

Advocating for mental health was something I never saw myself doing, mostly because I was unaware of what it was. I, like many people, had stigmas about seeing a therapist, thinking that anyone who does is "crazy." Unknowingly, this behavior was a direct reflection of generations before me, who were also unaware.

After many years of suppressing my own emotions from all the traumas I encountered as a child and young adult, I found myself doing what I never thought I'd find myself doing....seeing a therapist. Not because I thought something was wrong with me, but because I wanted to talk to someone who wouldn't judge me and can teach me how to cope.

Off the strength of my children, I had to find ways to talk about things I never talked about, deal with uncharted emotions, and move on peacefully, and the generational curse can be finally broken. Experiencing grief of my daughter's god-father who took his life, I questioned this whole mental health thing. What did I miss? Could I have done more? 

That's when my pursuit to mental health awareness grew. Mental health awareness is not about having the answer to other people's problems, it's about being able to show compassion and, if necessary, provide resources and a judgement free environment for those who may hesitate to seek help.

This is exactly what I stand for and what BMSL stands for. Mental health advocacy and awareness. Just don't shove it down people's throats, they don't like that. Awareness comes in stages, so one step at a time we move to be in a place where people simply care about people. 

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