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Growing Prayers

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

God, hello

I don’t see you.

God are you real?

Are you invisible?


God, hello again.

Can you hear my thoughts?

Can you see me from above?

Are you the sun, the clouds, a star?

God, why do I have to pray?

I just don’t understand.

Things are happening to me that I don’t quite understand.


They said that you protect God.

Did I do something wrong?

I promise I’m a good girl, haven’t been here very long.


God help me. I’m getting bad thoughts and wishes.

I wish you’d come to help me, save me, take me, please listen!

Are you ignoring me?

Am I doing this wrong?

Have I been praying wrong? Is that why you haven’t responded in so long?


Hello God, I’m done!

Took about 6 pills today.

I’m done living this life you gave to me all by mistake.

There’s no way I’m this young dealing with all this mess and drama.

What did I do to you God?

I hear your love is true God.

But why do I feel picked on, singled out like I’m no good God?


Okay God.

You win.

I guess I’m stuck here, right?

Well, I need help to cope so cutting does the job despite.

Why me God? Tell me God!

Why’d you do this to me God?

My dad’s an alcoholic, my mother chooses men over me God.

My brother says he hates me, step-mom doesn’t seem to care God.

Oh, please God, oh please God.

I need to live in peace God.

Just let me die or kill me so I can finally bring them peace God.

It’s me God.

There’s a defect in me, God.

If I’m going to be here might as well go ‘head and beat odds.

This fire came from me God.

You’ve punished me long enough, but I do not admit defeat God.

I’m angry man. I’m pissed God!

Everyone else’s life is bliss God.

They got their moms and dads at home and me I ain’t got shit God.

They got nice clothes, friends, and happiness. Fuck this God.

I’m out God. No more God.

You bless the ones that caused harm.

I don’t deserve my innocence snatched from me anymore God.

You see God. You’re fake God.

Ideology for those who rape God.

I hate you. Despise you.

No longer recognize you.

No matter what good I do, no one cares, they’re all just like you.

I’ll find another way to die, a way people respect.

I’ll put my life on the line for this country I respect.


Well gee God.

I see God.

You’ve always been there for me God.

I wouldn’t have survived without the pursuit of peace God.

I didn’t recognize the strength that you instilled in me God.

You knew I’d be the one to break the chain and start to heal.

The madness had to stop, and you picked me to plant the seed.

Okay God. I yield God.

I surrender at your feet God.

I take heed to what you show me, what my life is meant to be God.

I teach my kids to pray, walk in your grace, and to believe God.

Even when things are ugly, don’t question if it’s meant to be.

If you hadn’t been there, my parents would’ve ruined me.

I want my kids to see God.

You saved me, you reached for me God.

I’m in my purpose see God.

There’s more people like me God.

My life is not for me God. My heart can finally feel God.

My spirits healing now, peace is profound, shall I proceed God?

Can’t nothing tilt my crown, except for Karma coming for me God.

Repent my sins, submit to Him, devil is gone, no need to fear God.

Your child. That’s me God.

I’ll pass the message you gave to me God.

Regardless of the devil’s work, your love can’t be torn down God.

I pray, to say God,

Please help the world today God.

Shine down on someone suffering from trauma, aches, and pain God.

To you God, I’m true God. This moment is for you God.

I hope this helps someone because these words came right from you God.

I hope I’ve made you proud.

This piece is to its end.

I’m glad to be your vessel pass a word blessed in your name.


Your child.



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