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Healing is not about forgetting; or numbing the pain

And it’s definitely not pretending and pushing people away

Healing is tearing away the bandage, stitching up the wound

Strengthening your mind so you get better soon and

It’s not an easy road the terrain is rugged


But if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way through.

You’ll break but you’ll end up stronger, no evil can sully your soul, it’s no doubt

Healing is exposing yourself to the truth


Looking in the mirror staring at the person looking back at you

Asking yourself the questions you’ve been running from for so long

Why are you hurting? What happened to you? What’s wrong?

Just the thought renders the images you hate most to see

Trust me being honest is the start in your journey to healing


To speak the words of agony and pain

Accepting what happened to you doesn’t make it okay

It is the equivalent of disarming yourself of control that in turn transforms to a veil of guilt, shame, and blame


Aren’t you tired of walking on that lane? Stop paying the toll to self-destruction

I was tired of hurting and I knew the decisions I made were only a reflection of it

I was creating the very hurt and pain I had in my mind all around me, only to validate my pain and corruption.


My unattended aches and woes were catching up to me at a time when I was ready to live painlessly

I got away from the toxicity, the people who caused the hurt

But my trauma chased me like “Hey, wait hold up, you have to tend to me first!”

See, pushing it away doesn’t make it any better. I tried that for too long and it festered into depression


So, I started being honest with myself and honestly, I had to forgive

I had to forgive myself for feeling like I deserved it. Forgive myself for questioning what my self-worth is.

Forgive myself for letting it define me and questioning my purpose.

For questioning higher power for letting me go through this.

Forgive myself for walking in the shame, for taking the blame.


It was forgiving myself that helped me walk in this new lane.

See the journey to healing is no easy one. You have to face the pain.

Take it for what it is, then remove yourself from it and learn the lesson that life gives


Don’t become a repeat offender of the grief settled upon you

You are Gods toughest soldier, doing time for past Karma

So, break the chain now

Strive to heal from your agony, your evolution is necessary

But do it faithfully and consistently

Asking for help isn’t weak, don’t worry about the masses

This here is your journey.

Take Gods classes,



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