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Dear Men,

The difference between you and I is anatomy and strength.

In strength, I mean I pick up one rock and you, maybe ten.

Don’t get sucked into this war they set up between us.

I’m not mad because I’m not like you, I think we just want to be taken serious-ly,

But how can they when the men who are supposed to commit and treat us like queens,

Are being conditioned to praise filtered bodies, fake faces, and so-called hotties.

And they fetch for the bone leading away from a true home with a woman who is loyal, faithful, mentally and emotionally stable.

God didn’t make us perfect, but he didn’t make man and woman to be different for no reason.

Not for war on who’s better, strongest, or “whoever cries is the weakest.”

I don’t mean to trigger your past experience, that’s not what this is.

Can’t speak for bad apples, but I’m talking about the bigger agenda, The Family biz.

No funding for happy homes, so let’s divide them up so they depend on us for grants and loans.

And let’s not stop at making the woman the enemy.

Let’s highlight relationship goals out of their element, lifestyle, pay grade, and let’s play on a man’s insecurity.

You can only take him serious if he’s with a woman with a BBL and wears a fashion nova outfit.

Lives in a New York apartment the size of a broom closet.

It’s not just you though, women are falling for that virtual reality scheme too.

Virtual attraction is all about how many people follow you, are you in publics view.

But aside from the trap that’s making everyone go insane, I just want to say,

Dear Men,

You are capable. You are strong enough.

For as long as you focus on God’s plan and not what’s keeping you from true love.

A single mom is not questionable. Things don’t always work out, but she was chosen to fulfill a deed our creator trusted her with, with no doubts.

A woman with no kids is not questionable. She may be the one you choose to plant your seed with, till you start feeling doubts, the math doesn’t add up, what’s that about?

See we think we have control. But they want our mind control, so they have us hoping outside of reality while some of us are broken within reality hoping to bring you back and start a family.

From a woman to a man, I love you.

You’re the other piece of the puzzle.

Each one as a whole; we come together to make a happy home.

Single parenthood is nothing to glorify, not in the ill-fashion it’s being glorified.

We are all independent, we are all badass.

But men please take your crown. I want to keep my panties; briefs don’t look good on this mommy.


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