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Tug of war

Used as a pawn at the hands of those you love.

Routine was determined by a judge.

Battle of the exes were fought through the eyes of the innocent.

Punished for loving your parent with ultimatums and the silent treatment.

Both of you used us as messengers. Telling us how to feel, what to say, competing for love that God already gave.

Manipulating our minds, taking away from our innocence, all in the name of revenge and pettiness.

But the nonsense wouldn't end, because we live with the trauma from all the mess.

He drank his pain away and she slept around for validation. Both of you were wrong, no need for explanation.

No one thought to keep us happy and pure.

You left breadcrumbs to your disdain, leading us away from the lives you can’t claim.

What a shame.

No remorse for grooming our minds to think we were the problems to your demise.

Making us an enemy to the other, pointing fingers at one another,

Never taking responsibility, always throwing the stone, running for cover.

She married a perv, he’s married with a new girlfriend.

Wondering why I’m here figuring what a good relationship looks like, I made a decision to never go back to what relationships have been.

That’s past tense.

Your war against each other ruined me.

Never again will it ruin me.

A life driven by hate is no life at all.

The sacrifice from this tug of war, is the loss of the kids involved.


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