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The Art of Stress Cleaning

The wonders of self-care and control

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

In the chaotic dance of our daily lives, there's a therapeutic rhythm hidden within the seemingly mundane act of cleaning. Tidying is more than a chore, in fact, it's a powerful remedy for the relentless stresses that life throws our way. Let's bring attention to the relief and calmness this underrated act of self-care truly brings to our state of stress. If this concept is new to you, this isn't a task added to the agenda, nor does it enable bad habits or negative thoughts, and it definitely doesn't conceal the challenges we have to face. We don't stress clean to forget or run away from our problems. The theory behind stress cleaning is complete control. Now, we can consider day to day dishwashing and wiping the table after a meal, but we're talking about hyper-focused deep cleansing that happens in response to stress or anxiety. With this elevated mood, things seem out of our control and we have this hyperactive energy that needs to be released.

I, myself, have benefited from this wonderous remedy. You may find yourself wondering, what's the difference between stress cleaning and regular cleaning? There are two main differences, the hyper-focused, compulsive-like, need to clean and surge of energy. In moments of stress, where I find myself cleaning, I feel unstoppable, like nothing can slow me down. In fact, the only thing that will make me stop, is once my house gives me a sense of clarity, almost like a representation of my mind, no visible clutter. My usual cleaning days are on Sunday, I start around noon, and 2-3 tasks in I need to sit and relax. I may even leave some tasks for another day, but had it been under stress, I would've been at it for hours with no need for rest. So, what are the benefits when we stress clean?

#1 - Promotes happiness

Whether I'm anxious or stressed, harnessing that energy into cleaning clutter, or getting into uncharted crevices around the house, starts to put me in a much better mood. This isn't a unique feeling, in fact, it's been studied and found that cleaning, when we're under stress or anxiety, stimulates the release of endorphins.

#2 - Body reset

Stress can cause body aches. From stress headaches to low energy, you can't deny that cleaning is a productive coping method that helps alleviate anxiety and regain healthy energy. It's a mental and physical exercise that, by the end, makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. Once the hyperactivity has simmered down, it's as if your body has done a complete reset, a physical and mental reset, that allows you to confront your troubles with ease.

#3 - Refocus

Unfortunately, stress cleaning doesn't erase our problems or the challenges we have to face, but it does permit us to start fresh. Remember that overwhelming feeling? Feeling like time is against you? The benefit of stress cleaning is that it provides us with clarity to refocus and re-prioritize tasks, think clearly, and manage emotions.

#4 - Regain control

Being in a better mood, a body reset, and refocusing, we begin to regain control of ourselves and the decisions we make moving forward. No one wants to feel out of control and vulnerable to our negative thoughts and emotions, regardless of the situation. What gives us strength to move forward is knowing we have control to problem-solve, make good decisions, and make a good attempt at getting things done to make things better.

Stress cleaning is not just a mundane chore; it's a powerful tool for promoting happiness, resetting the body, refocusing the mind, and regaining control over our lives. As we sweep away the physical clutter, we simultaneously declutter our minds, allowing the therapeutic benefits of this art form to unfold. Embrace the transformative power of stress cleaning, and watch as the simple coping act of tidying up becomes a pathway to feeling joyful, centered, and empowered.

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